The Certificate of Musters for Buckinghamshire 1522

The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham

Letters from Twyford Lodge 1908

Twyford Perpetual Friendly Society accounts 1903

Tenants of the Red Lion as recorded by Aylesbury Brewery Company from 1924

Skillings invoice

Skillings invoice

Petrol invoice May 1948

Ownership of the Red Lion since 1805

Milk Marketing

Livestock transport invoice 1955

Invoices from February 1947 general goods

Invoice from R G Taylor October 1947

Invoice from November 1946

Invoice from May 1947

Invoice from July 1947

Invoice from 1947

Invoice for livestock May 1956

Invoice for coal March 1947

Invoice for bicycles April 1949

Insurance payment details from 1948

Insurance extract for abstained from alcohol

House Removal

Entry from Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Bucks 1821

Dairy equipment invoice

Builders invoice May 1948

Builder’s invoice April 1960

Builder’s invoice January 1959

Builder’s invoice from May 1948

Arthur Hodges (Sharpener) work for Richard (Dick) Hodges

Twyford Parish Magazine 1962

Chapel History

Chapel History

Source: Chapel History

Hillesden - Story of the Civil War