For many years, sport has played an important part in the life of the Twyford residents. The formation of the History Society has unearthed many treasured photos of success on the sporting field.

Today, Twyford is the proud owner of a fine sports field and pavilion which is home to both Twyford football and cricket clubs. Matches are played almost every weekend throughout the year and the turf is regularly maintained to the very high standard.

Twyford Football Club 1913-1914

The 1919/20 Twyford Football Team

The 1919/20 Twyford Football Team

Team names - Stone, J Hill, C Greaves (Rev) seated second from right middle row, Hughes, Jackman, E Hill, George, Bradbury, Webb, Hall, Aris.
There is a comment in the back of the photo which reads, “Mr T Parry, school master, used to cane often, fanatical patriot and sportsman, gassed in WW1, survived to teach again, lived to be well over 80”.

Twyford Football Club 1922-1923

The 1925/26 Twyford Football Team

The 1925/26 Twyford Football Team

Twyford Football Team 1925/26

Photo of the cup winning side of 1925-1926 season. The only names we have are for M Filby captain and a goal scorer named as Sims. Do you recognise any of the others?

Twyford Football Club 1933-1934

Twyford Football Club 1949-50

Football and Cricket were played in Twyford with the first recorded matches being in 1904. There is mention in the local newspaper of a cricket match between Twyford and Marsh Gibbon in 1876.

There were mixed successes mainly with the football team and the unfortunate record of the Twyford under 11’s team makes for interesting reading as printed in the Buckingham Advertiser on October 31st 1975.

“The Twyford under 11 boys football team take some beating for our wooden spoon award. They entered the Bicester League at the start of the season but soon found themselves outclassed. In 8 matches, they scored no goals but conceded a total of 134 goals which is an average of 17-0 for each game”

The Twyford Ladies Sports Club football team did much better in the 1972-73 season during the Bunny Hill Challenge Trophy.

  • In the first round against Grendon Underwood, they won by 7 goals to 1
  • In the second round semi-final, they won by 6 goals to nil
  • In the final against Marsh Gibbon, they won by 2 goals to nil

Twyford under 11s football team – 'Top of the Losers'

Twyford Ladies football team. Top row:
 Maureen Dawson, Sheila Eaton, Jenny Humphries, Nita Brazier, Mary Brazier, Elizabeth King, Jane Bowyer. Bottom row
: Karen Oxlade, Gwyneth Hodges, Paula Connell

Twyford under 11’s in 1972.
Top row: Stephen Green, Bob Green. Middle row: Darren Whiting, Stephen McMullen, Chris Pinder, Mark McMullen, John Russell, Mark Green. Bottom row: Paul Hill, Philip King, Andrew Gilder, Ian MacPherson, Ian Perna. 

London Brick Company team in 1979
Top row: Malcolm Jennings, Reg Cyster, Phil Jenkins, Graham Cox, Alan Durham, Ken Tew, Derek Turney (Pancho). Bottom row: Chris Hodges, Charlie Dickens, Roy Cyster (Topper), Harvey Gilder