Captain Ian Farquhar

Ian Farquhar married Pammie-Jane Chafer in 1972 and on his return from honeymoon, his first appointment was as Chairman of the Bicester and Warden Hill Hunt.

They purchased the dairy farm at Twyford Mill and set about achieving a close and special relationship with the famers and landowners to allow hunting across the local land. Lord Mancroft reported that Ian’s great skill was to turn a moderate day’s hunting into a good one, a good one into a great one and a great one into an unforgettable one.

Farquhar was an equerry to the Queen Mother and moved in Royal circles; Prince Charles was a regular visitor to meet the family at Twyford Mill. In 1985, the family left the Mill to take up the post of Master of the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt, a post he held for 34 years until his retirement in 2019 having guided the famous hunt through the most challenging years in the history of foxhunting.