Village clubs and societies

Active clubs and societies

Great Moor Sailing Club

(numerous activities take place on the lake including RYA lessons). Members come from miles away. From family days to RYA qualification accreditation.

Twyford Cricket Club

(Firsts in Cherwell League, 3 adult teams and 80 children) Electronic score board and matches held on the recreation ground.

Twyford Football Club

Both adult and junior sides.

Friends and Neighbours (over 60s)

Originally called the “Crown 65 club” and was started by an American serviceman and his wife

Crown Gun Club

(clay pigeon shooting Club) members came from Buckingham, Quainton and closer villages

Crown Golf Gang

Friendly competitive days at local golf clubs

Crown Pub darts

Supporting 2 teams in local leagues

Crown Pub pool

2 teams playing in local leagues

Owlswick Morris

(Originally Twyford Morris, but later combined with the side from Owlswick). Dancers includes members from other villages and towns and the group dance-out during the summer.

3 pop bands

  • Piston Band,
  • Harry and the Bridesmaid
  • The Spokes.

All the Twyford bands play at venues in other towns and villages


A mini rock/music festival featuring bands from all over the area. Day long event held on the recreation field (renamed Ball in the Hall when the weather has been too wet)

Contemporary Dance



Held on Mondays in the village hall

Church monthly lunch

Organised by the Church with the proceeds going to various charities at home and abroad.

Twyford Art Class

A weekly class run by local professional artist, Chris Scott. Annually, a calendar is produced with artwork from the members. This is sold locally and the proceeds go to a different charity each year.

Aunt Sally

A largely Oxfordshire based pub game involving throwing sticks at a doll. 2 teams play for The Crown pub.

Bell ringing

The bell ringers meet weekly and ring the bells of Marsh Gibbon and Twyford Churches.

Book Club

This is held at the members’ houses to discuss books chosen by the individual members.


The wine club holds wine tasting evenings throughout the year. The club has a vineyard on the Twyford allotment known as Marshy Meadow vineyard. The Club also organises alcohol related visits in Europe.


This is an exercise club held in the village hall weekly.


Twyford Amateur Dramatic Society mainly performs pantomimes. It has just celebrated its 40th year of performing.


Twyford Gardening Society visits different gardens and holds plant sales. Annually a gala dinner is held together with the wine club.

TDI Friday

This is a youth club for ages 10-16 years. The club meets in the village hall every second Friday during term time.


This is the local history society. Talks on Twyford, Calvert, Poundon and Charndon’s history are held throughout the year in the village hall.


This is a class run by the local yoga teacher in the village hall weekly during term time.

Wellness Yoga

This is yoga for wellness also held by a local villager

Twyford and Charndon WI

This was founded in 1933 and holds monthly meetings. The club has speakers on a range of subjects and visits to different venues including theatres and gardens.

Twyford Trot

An annual fun run organised by the church, open to all.

Discontinued clubs


This was the Twyford Recreational Improvement Committee. To help raise funds, gymkhanas and a “100 club” were held in the village. The Calvert Brick Company allowed Twyford’s teams to play on their pitches during work. This committee has now been dissolved.

Musical minis

  • Voice
  • Twyford brass band
  • Marsh Silver Band practiced in the Chapel
  • Country dancing
  • Twyford Ballet
  • Twyford Toddlers
  • Brownies
  • Boulder Brothers band
  • and the Piston band Shy Tots

Twyford Friendly Society

Set up in The Red Lion public house. Prior to Government Social care and pension protection schemes, groups were formed to collect funds with a view to protecting members and helping them in times of severe hardship.

Twyford Wives.

A group of village wives organised various events in Twyford

Twyford and Marsh Gibbon Pig Club.

The inaugural meeting was held in the Red Lion Pub on 9th Sept 1947. The chairman was W J Hill. Keeping pigs at the end of your garden became very popular during the war years